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What an unbelievable Change

We have had good relationship with Abigael  who is one of my friends until i never thought a time will come when we cant speak  to each nor see eye to eye.Somebody confided in me about a relationship that was in the making that could result in Abigael and Geoffrey  family breaking up.Geoffrey is one of the busiest Fathers who never has time for his family but  he is always punctual at his work place and church.

A bishop of another church had prophesied to Geoffrey   Abigael’s husband that God was preparing another marriage partner called Reba for him so he should pray about it for it will come to pass someday.As he continued praying,the bishop says he has been shown the girl and Geoffrey begins to pray  with Reba and for the last three Months,Abigael does not know what is happening between her husband and Reba.Geoffrey and Abigael have a family of four school going children.

This story has hurt me and i will speak about it not to embarrass any one but to make it known to the church so that we don’t confuse younger believers in the name prophesy.

I took the initiative to speak to Abigael not directly and i learned she suspected there was something wrong with her family relationship and she could not say where and how.I went ahead and found reason to speak to Geoffrey and he agreed to what i know and have heard,I told him he was getting lost and he needs to rethink what has been said to him.The only person i have not spoken to is this bishop who prophesied to him.

The story continues and i wish to say that the story is true but the names are different.Let.s meet some day when am strong to say more…..